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We Failed So Badly, It Makes Me Ashamed to Be British

(c) Peter Kufner
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Alastair Campbell, einst Sprecher von Tony Blair, über das Versagen von Premier Johnson in der Coronakrise und was Kurz besser machte.

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As Austria lifts checks at the border with Italy, and ends quarantine requirements for visitors from more than 20 European countries, it must feel like a normality of sorts is returning for Austrians. Sadly, it does not feel like that in my country, the UK. I note that we are not among the countries whose citizens can travel freely to yours.

But then, one looks at the disastrous handling of the Covid crisis by Boris Johnson's government, and it is hardly surprising. Austria has had 677 deaths. The UK has had more than 41.000 and that is merely those deaths where Covid is explicitly stated on the death certificate as cause of death. The real number is now well over 60.000. In the week when Premier League football returns, it is worth noting that only Manchester United's Old Trafford stadium would be big enough to house the UK Covid dead.